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Woman and Man in Wheelchair in tech lab Front View of the VAIL Building Front view of VAIL-South Texas in Laredo Man in wheelchair and women awaiting bus under canopy Deaf Staff Member signing to another using Facetime on iPad

Glad You Dropped In!

VAIL is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help people with disabilities live independently. We want to do all we can to help you understand and use the resources available to you to accomplish this purpose.

We are managed by people many of whom have disabilities themselves. We originate from the community in which we live, serving people with a variety of needs. We are a nonresidential, private agency dedicated to find and share ways people with disabilities can be successful and productive.

(Notice you can view our website in Spanish if you so desire, using the little dropdown powered by Google Translate at the upper right corner.)

VAIL-Laredo Office

VAIL has a satellite office in Laredo under the umbrella of the McAllen office, which offers the same basic services that McAllen does. To learn more about it, follow the link titled “VAIL-Laredo” on the sidebar.

VAIL Deaf Services

VAIL also has a well-developed independent living program designed to assist consumers who are deaf. Deaf staffers fluent in ASL and gesture sign language are available to counsel and serve you. Be sure to check out the link on the sidebar titled “VAIL Deaf Services”.

Follow the tabs, explore our site and discover
the many ways we may be able to assist you!

VAIL Services are Free!

Emergency Hurricane Preparation

Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

Do you need emergency transportation during a hurricane evacuation? If your answer is yes, you need to register with STEAR. VAIL can help you do that.

Do you have a Cell Phone?

You can download mobile apps for FREE! Included are:

  • KURV Weather
  • The Weather Channel
  • Weather Bug
  • Hurricane by American Red Cross
  • Action 4 News & Valley Center
  • Telemundo Noticias
VAIL Deaf Service will keep in contact:

with Deaf and Hard of hearing people during Hurricane Season. Learn about:

  • Evacuation Routes
  • Shelter Locations
  • Food Service Locations
  • Weather Watches
  • Sandbag Locations
  • Food Service Locations

The Hurricane Season Begins
June 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018