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Do You Qualify for a Special Insurance Enrollment Period?

Even though the Special Enrollment Period for those who didn’t know they would get a penalty on their federal income tax for not having insurance ended April 30th, there are other situations that can qualify a person for a Special Enrollment Period.

VAIL Navigators are currently assisting consumers who qualify for a Special Enrollment Period or need to make changes to an existing application. Special Enrollment Periods are granted to those who experience a life changing event such as losing a job, getting married or divorced, or changes in income.

For help, talk to a VAIL Marketplace Navigator. For more information follow the link:

Marketplace Page

Survey for Mothers with Physical Disabilities

UMass Medical School wants to learn about the health care experiences of mothers with physical or mobility difficulties during pregnancy.

Are you a mom with a disability? Follow the link to answer a few brief screening questions to find out if you are eligible take part in the survey.

Survey for Mom’s with Disabilities

For More information about the Survey, check out the Flyers in English and Spanish. They may be printed out and shared with others.

English Survey Flyer

Spanish Survey Flyer

People with Disabilities Have the Right to Vote!

Learn more about voting rights of people with disabilities. Watch the Video at YouTube from Disability Rights of Texas by following the link below:

Vote Video: Disability Rights Texas

There are certain requirements all citizens must meet before they can vote in Texas. Follow the link below to see how to meet these requirements.


Teresa Stern, VAIL Staff Member, had this to say about her first voting experience: “Voting can be very scary when it’s your first time and if you also have a disability. The first time I voted, I didn’t know what to do. My father told me who to vote for. He told me not to discuss with anyone who I am voting for. That was many votes ago, and after that first time, I always planned ahead so I would feel confident voting. Since that first time, I have always decided for myself who I want to vote for. I am a registered Voter; I listen to the candidates and vote for the one who most represents the things I believe in; and I always check with my voting place to see if anything has changed to be sure they will have the accommodations I will need to vote. Then I am ready to vote!”

Board Member Mary Jo Klein Passes Away in McAllen

VAIL staff, board members and consumers will sorely miss Mary Jo Klein, who was a founding member of VAIL in 1988, and served on the VAIL Board of Directors for the next 26 years.   She was instrumental in establishing the solid and ethical foundation upon which VAIL continues to operate.

Mary Jo Klein, Board Member

Mary Jo Klein

Through the years she participated in advocacy and accessibility marches and rallies to foster awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities face in the community.  She was always the sunshine in board meetings, and she approached advocacy with that same big smile.   She had a gentle approach, but a deep commitment to removing barriers that prevented her and her neighbors from accessing large areas of the community.

Mary Jo’s loyalty and dedication were an inspiration to VAIL board and staff.

Follow the link to read the obituary and have the opportunity to sign the Guest Book online.