Mobi-Chair in Action

Almost everybody loves to go to the beach. Did you know there is a wonderful invention called the Mobi-Chair, which enables a person with a mobility disability to go into the water and enjoy the waves? Not only that, but did you know that you don’t have to buy one, but that you can rent one to enjoy at South Padre Island here in the Valley? Follow the link below to see how a person with a disability can enjoy the beach in a creative way with a Mobi-Chair!

Enjoying the Waves

For more information concerning the Mobi-Chair use at South Padre Island, use the following link:

Mobi-Chair at the Beach

To secure a Mobi-Chair at South Padre Island, Texas, call the South Padre Island Fire Department at 956-761-3040.

For more information about accessibility at South Padre Island, follow the link below:

Beach Accessibility

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