Service Animals: Rights and Responsibilities

The use of Service Animals to serve people with disabilities is becoming more and more common. It is important for both service animal handlers and local public access area representatives to understand the rights and responsibilities regarding the use of these animals.

A “service animal” or “assistance animal” in Texas refers to a canine trained or equipped to help someone with a disability. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guarantees the right of people who are blind, or have other disabilities, including PTSD to be accompanied by a trained service animal in public places.

The link below provides answers to most of the questions a service animal handler or a representative of a public access area need to know.

Service Animals: Questions and Answers

You may want to explore some of the ways these animals are trained. Many interesting videos on on this subject can be found online. Below are links to some of them:


Service animals can be a huge help in allowing a person with a disability to live independently. You will probably be seeing them more frequently than in the past.

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