Independent Living Services

Independent living programs help you have more control over your life.

  • VAIL teaches independent living skills which can enable you to stay in your own home.
  • VAIL has peer counselors with disabilities who can more easily understand what your needs are.
  • VAIL counselors can help you advocate for yourself to make your own decisions.
  • VAIL provides information and referral to assist you in obtaining free services you need.
  • VAIL can help you with emergency preparation and can assist you to register for emergency transportation.

You can be independent!

At Vail you learn to:

  • manage your money
  • schedule your time
  • use public transportation
  • take medications safely
  • use specialized telephones
  • protect yourself
  • keep your home safe
  • advocate for yourself
  • learn job seeking skills
  • learn other skills that interest you

You may qualify for free prescriptions

Call VAIL. A counselor can help you apply to the pharmaceutical companies to get your prescription medicine free if you are qualified.

Do you need a telephone?

Do you have trouble using the telephone because you can’t get to it in time or because you can’t hold the receiver to your ear? Do you have a hard time hearing on the phone? Do you have a hard time seeing the numbers to dial? Call VAIL today to apply for a free specialized phone.

Phone: 956-668-8245

VAIL services are FREE