Where We Fit

VAIL is the only organization in our Rio Grande Valley and South Texas service area which provides independent living services to individuals with disabilities. VAIL partners with other local agencies and organizations whose programs support and extend the services available to consumers.

We at VAIL want to be an influence that will help people with disabilities and people in the community at large understand and support each other. It is important for people with disabilities to understand their rights and privileges that they already possess so they can live lives of confidence and independence, and express themselves effectively.

It is also important for the community at large to understand their obligations regarding the rights and needs of people with disabilities, and give them the respect and understanding all people deserve.

VAIL aims to be a bridge that encourages understanding and respect. If we find ways to cooperate, appreciate, and encourage each other, the whole community will benefit. Creative adaptation in job placement can prove to be beneficial to both business and the individual.

One of our desires is to share new changes and improvements in services for people with disabilities. Learning about these developments can inform and enhance the understanding and cooperation between people with disabilities and the local community.

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