Who We Are

VAIL is a center for independent living (CIL). This means it is:

Consumer controlled – It is run primarily by people who have disabilities themselves. A “CIL” requires that 51% of the people on staff, and 51% of the board of directors must be people with disabilities.

We are a provider of four core services – These are services that enable people with disabilities to live more independently. They include:

  • Information and referral – VAIL specialists are knowledgeable about resources in the community and can refer consumers to the programs that can be most helpful to them.
  • Independent living skills – VAIL specialists provide skills training in areas such as money management, time management, use of public transportation, proper use of medications, Use of assistive devices, personal and home safety, prescription assistance, personal advocacy and much more.
  • Individual and systems advocacy – VAIL specialists help consumers stand up for their rights as individuals to live independently, and work for changes in society that would better support independent living for people with disabilities.
  • Peer counseling – Counselors who have disabilities may share similar experiences and may better understand what barriers others with disabilities encounter.  VAIL peer counselors are prepared to assist you to make your own choices and reach your goals to live independently in your community.

Check out our motto, our philosophy, our mission statement, our code of ethics and our discrimination statement by exploring the menu links on the sidebar.