Code of Ethics

The center has written and adopted a code of ethics outlining the philosophy of the organization.  This code will be utilized as a standard of conduct for the provision of services to center consumers.  The employees of VAIL will:

  1. Have no conflicts between official duties and personal, business or professional activities;
  2. Preserve the confidence of our business partners and consumers;
  3. Accept no gifts, favors or service which might influence the discharge of our official duties;
  4. Not disclose confidential information acquired by reason of our official position and
  5. Exercise accountability for the resources entrusted to us by the VAIL board and management.

Further, because the center is a service organization, it is appropriate that organizational standards and philosophy be shared with consumers and the community the center serves.  The code of ethics for the VAIL organization is expanded to read:

  1. The center is dedicated to a belief in the value of the individual served, and the conviction that every person has the right to develop to their maximum potential.  The center also believes in the inherent worth and dignity of each consumer.  VAIL staff will treat the consumer with respect and dignity as a human being and a citizen.  The center will
    1. respect the privacy of the consumer by safeguarding all information obtained in the course of professional activities,
    2. maintain records and documents in a confidential manner,
    3. obtain and release information in accordance with VAIL policy,
    4. participate in activities that demonstrate support for our consumers with outside agencies, organizations, and businesses.
  2. While the center strives to promote the self-reliance of each individual served, the center also recognizes its responsibility to exemplify competent and ethical business practices.  Center management will endeavor to exercise sound judgment and act responsibly to safeguard the interest of the consumer.  The center will employ qualified staff, both technical and professional, in sufficient numbers to facilitate the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
  3. Likewise, the center operations will reflect competent and ethical management, as well as an attitude of acceptance of and adherence to the requirements of relevant regulations and standards as minimum performance levels for all activities and programs.